The world is on the brink of one of the most devastating food security crises in generations. In partnership with USAID, is sending donations from the Global Food Fund to effective organizations addressing food security.

In partnership with Welcome.US, this fund will help our new neighbors from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and beyond with housing, clothing, legal services, and more.

Help fund the essentials. Donations help many people in need access the essentials such as rent, food, utilities, and more.

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Emergency Medical Backpacks depart Direct Relief's warehouse on March 1, 2022, bound for Lviv, Ukraine. The backpacks, which contain medical essentials for triage care, were requested by Ukraine's Ministry of Health. (Lara Cooper/Direct Relief)

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Every year, we see hurricanes make landfall and cause devastating destruction to many communities. The Hurricane 2022 Relief Fund will help individuals and communities throughout the U.S. with immediate emergency relief and support long-term recovery efforts during the 2022 hurricane season.

The world is on the brink of one of the most devastating food security crises in generations. has partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to direct funds to organizations that are helping to address the global food security crisis by providing immediate humanitarian relief to the most vulnerable populations.

The Veterans Cause Fund supports the many individuals and organizations who have started fundraisers on the GoFundMe platform to support verified projects and charities helping Veterans who face challenges such as homelessness, mental health crises, unemployment, and other issues that disproportionately affect the heroes who served our country.

Another wildfire season is upon us as devastating and destructive wildfires have started to burn across the United States. Funds raised will help a wide range of relief work from providing shelter, food, and other needed supplies, to supporting long-term recovery and relocation efforts, and to fund firefighter training and resources as they work to contain these fires.

The current crisis in Ukraine has intensified the needs of foster families. Many have been unable to leave Ukraine, and they need support now more than ever. Donations support Ukrainian-based NGO Sunflower Academy that financially assists foster families in need to afford basic necessities during the war.

Join Veritus in eliminating the barriers that prevent healthcare professionals from getting the help they need. COVID-19 has caused unbearable levels of trauma, compassion fatigue, and exhaustion in the medical community.  This fund provides world-class accessible, confidential, and convenient care for healthcare workers, and financial assistance to pay for that care.

This fund, organized by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, benefits and, two organizations that are providing immediate humanitarian aid and housing to Ukrainian refugees.

Panda Express has teamed up with Phillip Lim to benefit local organizations focused on combating food security in the AAPI Community, beginning with Heart of Dinner, More Than a Meal, OCA Greater Houston, Radical Family Farms, Respect Your Elders, and Welcome to Chinatown.

The Welcome Fund, a project of Welcome.US, supports Afghans, Ukrainians, and others fleeing their homelands as they begin the journey to build new lives in the United States.

All donations to the Ukraine Humanitarian fund are distributed to verified nonprofits helping communities and people impacted to obtain access to shelter, food, medical services, education, and psychosocial support, as well as other humanitarian needs.

Donations to this fund are distributed to verified nonprofits providing relief and longer term recovery aid to Haitians, and help provide access to water, food, medicine, and shelter. Beneficiaries so far include Hope Health Action, David McAtony Gibson Foundation, and CORE.

Celebrate the unique experiences of the LGBTQ community, create safe spaces, promote inclusion, and advocate for equality. Donations support a range of LGBTQ needs, including youth mental health resources, free housing, Pride parades, and more.

Your donation will help individuals access their most essential needs (shelter, food, and clothing), as well as organizations offering community outreach programs. You can help stock a food bank, enable a family to stay in stable housing, and so much more.

Join a community of supporters protecting animals across the United States. Your donation could help a shelter continue its operations, an animal sanctuary expand its care, a wildlife rescue rehabilitate a wounded animal, an organization train service dogs, and much more.

The Asian American Foundation’s AAPI Emergency Relief Fund provides fast, flexible support to individuals and their families who have been the subject of violent hate crimes and need to heal, recover, and stay safe.

This fund launched after the surge in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Donations are distributed to trusted AAPI organizations working to rectify the racial inequalities in our society by supporting, uplifting, and empowering the AAPI community— over 100 organizations have received grants. #StopAsianHate

Support individuals and organizations raising money for education and learning expenses. Together, we can invest in our children’s futures and help provide equal learning opportunities.

In partnership with Express, the Dream Big Project is an ongoing giving and mentoring initiative that provides opportunities and resources for every generation of doers, makers, movers, and shakers. Donations to the fund go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s to support their Big Futures Program and other similar projects.

To address urgent needs as well as broader, systemic issues tied to racism donations received for this fund are granted to organizations rectifying the racial inequalities in society — especially those focused on pretrial system reform, racial justice, and law enforcement reform.

In partnership with Mattel, this fundraiser aims to level the playing field for girls by providing tools, resources, and funding to organizations working to close the Dream Gap and change the lives of girls around the world.

With thousands of years of pollution, deforestation, overfishing, drilling, and more, we’ve put an incredible strain on the environment, and now, the planet needs our help. Your donation will reduce plastic pollution, fight climate change, protect our planet’s wildlife, and fund our collective dream of a sustainable future.

Help end mental health stigma, advance research, and expand access to care. This fund supports those creating safe spaces, support systems, and community programs, as well those addressing the larger systemic issues surrounding mental health.

The Orange Is The New Black creative team started this fund to support eight nonprofits in their efforts to rethink, revise and reform justice in America. Areas of focus include criminal justice, policy reform, immigrants’ rights, and helping those affected by mass incarceration.

A collaboration with the Obama Foundation, this fund empowers adolescent girls around the world through education. Your donation will support projects ranging from mentoring girls in Uganda to hiring educators in India, and beyond.