GoFundMe.org is an independentGoFundMe.org is independent from GoFundMe® and maintains a separate board of directors and a different CEO and CFO. It works closely with GoFundMe®, especially in connection with raising and distributing funds in a low-cost and effective manner., registered 501(c)(3) public charity. We work closely with GoFundMe®, the world’s largest and most trusted online fundraising platform, to provide a transparent way to support your favorite causes and urgent needs. We distribute your tax-deductible donation to many fundraisers and charities related to your cause.

Uplift LGBTQ Lives

The GoFundMe.org Pride Fund supports urgent needs, as well as broader, pervasive issues tied to the LGBTQ community. With the donations received through the Fund, GoFundMe.org will issue grants to trusted organizations working to inspire hope, create safe spaces, and provide resources for LGBTQ people.

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COVID-19 GoFundMe.org Causes

GoFundMe.org is working with individuals, corporations, and organizations to help as many people impacted by COVID-19 as possible. By donating to the General Relief Fund, Small Business Relief Fund and other fundraisers supported by GoFundMe.org, donors can give to broader causes, while seeing a direct impact.  Through these GoFundMe fundraisers, GoFundMe.org issues grants to individuals, organizations and charities. We are collaborating with numerous partners to launch and support COVID-19 relief efforts.

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You make a tax-deductible donation to a GoFundMe.org Cause.



GoFundMe.org distributes your gift to many verified fundraisers related to the cause.



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