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GoFundMe.org is a 501(c)(3) that works with corporations, organizations, and individuals to help them achieve their social impact goals, and raise and distribute funds to those in need.

Foundations & Nonprofits

Global Giving
Mattel Foundation
The Obama Foundation
The Asian American Foundation (TAAF)
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Alumni
Immigrant Families Together
The Actors Fund
The Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF)

Government Entities

Department of State
Steve Sisolak (Governor of Nevada)


Old Navy
Intuit Quickbooks
Barbie and Mattel
Buzzfeed Inc

We work together to amplify your impact

GoFundMe.org has a proven track record of partner collaboration, meeting the unique needs of each partner’s individual circumstances and goals across many use cases.

Partnership benefits

GoFundMe.org provides a centralized destination to engage your audiences and support a variety of causes. We work closely with GoFundMe, Inc., a trusted leader in global fundraising, to give our partners access to best-in-class tools, teams, and products.


  • Tax-deductible donations (U.S. exemption) in any format, from credit cards to crypto and beyond
  • Ability to receive donations globally from individuals, corporations, donor advised funds, and foundations


  • Tailored impact reporting on your fundraising efforts
  • Curated grantee lists
  • Fiscal sponsorships and DAF arrangements


  • Fast distribution of funds to those in need
  • Expert compliance vetting
  • Pulse on current news
  • Deep understanding of urgent needs


  • Opportunity to humanize social impact through direct giving and storytelling
  • Exposure to a wide range of charitable causes permitted under the laws of the United States
  • Visibility and amplification

Girls Opportunity Alliance

We teamed up with the Obama Foundation to support girls’ education.

Explore projects

Working with public figures to distribute funds to multiple beneficiaries

The Stand with Ukraine Fundraiser (2022 – Present) was created in partnership with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to raise funds that benefit two nonprofit organizations. By working with GoFundMe.org, over $35 million has been raised and distributed to support housing and humanitarian aid for those forced to flee Ukraine.

Partnering with organizations to identify the best nonprofits in need of critical aid

In collaboration  with the US Department of State and Global Giving, we identify beneficiaries of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (2022 – Present). These partners help to ensure that donations raised are distributed to organizations doing top-tier humanitarian aid work and in need of funding.

Collaborating with community leaders to identify grant recipients

Following a rise in violence, the AAPI Community Fund (2021 – Present) was created to uplift and empower Asian and Pacific Islander communities across the nation. Supported by a twelve-person advisory committee of cultural leaders and activists, GoFundMe.org assesses and determines grant recipients and disperses funds. Over $7 million has been raised on the GoFundMe platform, including offline donations from corporations such as YouTube, Panda Express, and H&M. 

Support partner companies on corporate social responsibility

GoFundMe.org partnered with Express on the Express Dream Big Project  (2020 – Present) to fundraise for Express’ ongoing corporate responsibility initiatives including their program dedicated to creating opportunities and providing resources through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Providing fast funding for critical work on major challenges

Led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Laurene Powell Jobs, America’s Food Fund (2020 – 2022), a project of the Emerson Collective, was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over $45 million was raised and granted to charities addressing food insecurities in the United States. GoFundMe.org managed the project that included multi-million dollar donations and grants from corporations, celebrities, private foundations, and donor-advised funds, including Apple, the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. GoFundMe.org began issuing grants the same day that funds were received.

Partnering with other nonprofits to fund charitable work abroad

Over $2 million has been raised through the Girls Opportunity Alliance (2018 – Present) a project that builds schools, among other things, around the world and aims to empower girls globally through education. Working together with Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation, GoFundMe.org issues grants, in the capacity of a fiscal sponsorship, to vetted foreign charitable entities around the globe. Donations and grants include corporate donations as well as foundation grants requiring the submission of applications and reporting.

Working with government officials to manage donations following tragedies

Over $11 million was raised and granted out through the Las Vegas Victims Fund (2017) to provide relief to the victims of the tragic Route 91 Harvest Music Festival shooting. GoFundMe.org worked with city and government officials to manage the influx of donations made through the GoFundMe platform, in addition to supporting long-term song royalties from artists who were performing at the festival and both personal and corporate contributions.

Collaborating with donors to set up donor-advised funds (DAFs)

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey became one of the most devastating storms in US history, and in just two months, over $65 million was raised on the GoFundMe platform to support relief and rebuilding. GoFundMe.org launched its first general fund that granted money to individual GoFundMe fundraisers started by and for people who needed immediate financial help before charity and government aid could reach them. GoFundMe.org worked with donors to establish a donor-advised fund that raised over $1 million that was then distributed directly to those impacted by this catastrophic storm.

Acting as a fiscal sponsor while an organization awaits nonprofit status

The Times Up fund (2017 – 2018) began as an extension of the powerful #MeToo movement that then raised over $24 million. Funds were granted out to organizations working to help build a world where safe, fair, and dignified work is a reality for women. Until the Times Up Foundation was established in late 2018, GoFundMe.org served as the fiscal sponsor for the foundation, receiving and managing donations via the GoFundMe platform, in addition to multi-year endowments, stocks, and large-dollar donations from various corporations, foundations, donor-advised funds, and public figures.

how it works

GoFundMe.org aims to keep fees low and focus on impact. Fees are customized for each partner, dependent on the scale, scope, and additional work needed for the partnership and/or project. The fee depends on many variables including, but not limited to, size of budget, number of transactions, geography, due diligence, risk levels, etc.

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