Maui is facing the deadliest wildfire the US has seen in over a century. Donate today to send relief to those impacted

Every year, devastating hurricanes storm on communities across the US. Donate today to help those impacted by this year’s hurricanes.

Help fund the essentials. Donations help many people in need access the essentials such as rent, food, utilities, and more.

Our Mission

To provide fast and effective support to people impacted by disaster, and to fund education and other charitable initiatives. works to provide transparent, tax-deductible donation opportunities to support both individuals and nonprofits with urgent needs and long-standing causes. works closely with GoFundMe, Inc. but is an independent registered 501(c)(3) public charity, that maintains its own board of directors and leadership.

Our Approach funds are created to support an important cause or urgent event. We distribute funds raised as grants to a variety of vetted nonprofits and verified individuals serving the same mission as the given fund.

Effective impact

Our funds support a wide range of causes, from immediate relief in the wake of a crisis to ongoing efforts for systemic change. We operate at an unusually high 95.6% efficiency rate because GoFundMe Inc. subsidizes the majority of our operating costs. This ensures your donations go directly to those who need them, not our administrative expenses.

View our fiscal year 2023 Annual Report here

Eliminate the paradox of choice

Deciding where to give to make the most impact can be overwhelming, creates one centralized place to give that provides critical support to benefit many. Our relationship with GoFundMe, Inc. enables us to distribute donations to both individuals and nonprofit organizations, making it easy to provide broad support with a single donation.


We have the unique ability to set up new funds in a matter of hours — and start delivering grants in days, not weeks. Immediately following a crisis or disaster, we are committed to quickly creating a central fund to disberse donations to those in need as soon as possible. We provide timely updates and impact information to donors as grants are made. 

Giving purpose power

We are an expert partner to design and manage fundraisers with brands, corporations, individuals, and other organizations whose instinct is to take action. Learn more about partnerships

Our approach in action has granted over $80 million so far this year.

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Additional insight into our relationship with GoFundMe, Inc., plus information for donors and grant recipients.

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