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I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl (IAAG) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing girls’ unique needs in Barbados and the Caribbean region. Founded in 2014, the organization’s mission is to empower girls to overcome personal challenges and develop leadership skills. Additionally, the organization engages in advocacy and led efforts in 2019 to establish the Caribbean Girls’ Collective, a group of grassroots organizations and activists who are working to protect and promote girls’ rights in the Caribbean. 

IAAG’s programs are targeted to address the intersecting issues of poverty and racial and gender inequality. The organization serves predominantly Black communities in which more than 50 percent of the population is living in extreme poverty. Many of these families are led by single parents who are struggling to meet basic needs for themselves and their children. As a result, girls face many obstacles to accessing education and personal development opportunities. IAAG’s programs are tailored to this local context and are led by primarily Black Caribbean women whose lived experiences reflect the stories of the girls they serve. 

The Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund will support IAAG’s DisrupHER program. DisrupHER provides mentorship and safe spaces to support girls as they learn to navigate the challenges they face, including gender-based violence, climate-related disturbances, and mental health. The program’s activities are designed to build confidence, teach leadership skills, and provide a forum to engage in critical conversations on topics that impact girls’ lives. At the end of the program, girls will have the opportunity to design their own projects and present on issues affecting their lives.

IAAG has previously piloted the DisrupHER program in Barbados, Dominica, and Tobago, reaching more than 150 girls. With support from the Girls Opportunity Alliance, IAAG will serve an additional 50 girls between the ages of 13 and 15 who live in flood-prone areas affected by climate change in Barbados. As an end goal, I Am A Girl seeks to create a community where girls are empowered to work together in pursuit of a brighter future for themselves and each other. 

To learn more about I Am A Girl, please visit the organization’s website and the links below: 

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