Past grants from has been active since August 2017. Until March 2019, when it changed its name, conducted its activities under the name Direct Impact Fund.


Furloughed workers:  [December 2018 – January 2019, United States]
During the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, many stories emerged of furloughed workers unable to pay bills, buy groceries, and keep up their normal lives without the paycheck from their government job. In addition to accepting some offline donations, was the beneficiary of two separate fundraisers to help those not getting a paycheck because of the shutdown: and raised over $460,000. granted a total of $400,000 to four charities with nationwide reach and who were specifically providing nationwide aid to furloughed workers. The remaining funds were granted to 10 local charities across the U.S. providing aid to furloughed workers in their respective communities.


California fires:  [Fall 2018, California]
The fall months of 2018 were California’s most destructive wildfire season on record; 8,527 fires including the Thomas Fire, Camp Fire, Carr Fire, and Woolsey Fire burned the largest amount of acreage on record. In addition to accepting offline donations—including a $150,000 donation from GoFundMe® and a re-direction of $10,000 in unrestricted funds from— was the beneficiary of three general funds to support those impacted by the fires:,, and raised over $300,000. made over 650 micro-grants to GoFundMe® fundraisers.  During the holidays, some of our volunteers also purchased and delivered toys and necessities to families who were victims of the Camp Fire.


Hurricane Michael:  [October 2018, Southeastern U.S.]
This hurricane was one of the top five worst storms to make landfall in the United States, affecting people from Central America all the way up the east coast of North America. was the beneficiary of the following fundraiser: raised over $13,000. made 55 micro-grants to GoFundMe® fundraisers.


Hurricane Florence: [September 2018, Carolinas]  
After Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast, was the beneficiary of the following fundraiser: raised a little over $5,000. made 20 micro-grants to GoFundMe® fundraisers.


Support for Fuego Volcano Relief:  [June 2018, Guatemala]
The Volcan de Fuego is known for constantly being active at a low level, but on June 3, 2018, it had its most powerful eruption since 1974, burying towns and villages nearby. In response, was beneficiary to the following fundraiser: raised over $31,000. made 27 grants to GoFundMe® fundraisers.


Montecito fires and mudslides: [January 2018, California]
The 2017 wildfire season destabilized the slopes of the California coast. When heavy rain followed early in the new year, devastating mudslides caused loss of life and homes. was beneficiary to the following fundraiser started by The Ellen Show:

The fundraiser raised over $148,000, and made grants to not-for-profit entities servicing human and animal victims of the Montecito fire and mudslides.


TIME’S UP Movement:  [January 2018, Global] was proud to help launch the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, a groundbreaking fundraiser connecting those who experience sexual harassment, abuse, or related retaliation in the workplace with legal and public relations assistance. was the bridge between TIME’S UP and the National Women’s Law Center, which ultimately administers the funds and has already allocated money to 75 cases ranging from a dollar store cashier in Brooklyn to fire department paramedics in Chicago. Access to prompt and comprehensive legal and communications help will mean empowerment for these individuals and long-term growth for culture and communities as a whole. You can see more on the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund’s work in 2018 in their annual report.


California Fires 2017
The 2017 fire season in California was the worst on record until it was surpassed by the 2018 season. Fires burned 1,381,405 acres across the state, from the Thomas Fire in Ventura County to the Tubbs Fire in Napa and Sonoma.

Southern California Fires: [Late 2017/Early 2018] was beneficiary to the following fundraiser:, raised over $25,000, and issued micro-grants to 48 GoFundMe® fundraisers. was beneficiary to the fundraiser started by a celebrity from Ventura County, In addition to generous offline donations, this fundraiser raised over $110,000 and made grants to not-for-profit entities servicing the victims of the fire in Ventura County. was beneficiary to the following fundraiser started by Nocking Point:
Total amount for distribution: $11,974. made two grants to not-for-profit entities that helped first responders servicing the Southern California fires.


Northern California Fires: [Late 2017] was the beneficiary to the fundraiser, raised over $224,000, and made over 350 micro-grants to GoFundMe® fundraisers.

In addition to accepting some offline donations, was the beneficiary of the following fundraiser started by a Napa Valley resident and business owner:, which raised nearly $600,000. made over 30 grants to volunteer fire departments and not-for-profit entities servicing human and animal victims of the fires that devastated the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. was also the beneficiary for the fundraiser started by The Ellen Show:, which independently raised over $35,000. made four grants to not-for-profit entities servicing victims of the Northern California fires, for a total distribution of the full amount.


Route 91 Shooting:  [October 1, 2017, Las Vegas, NV]
A shooter at the Route 91 music festival killed 58 and injured 851 people—the deadliest mass shooting in the United States to date. In the early hours after the event, then Clark County City Commission Chair Steve Sisolak set up a GoFundMe® fundraiser that raised $1 million by noon Pacific Time on October 2. Searching for an organization to transparently manage the money and ensure it safely reached victims and their families, Sisolak partnered with to serve as the beneficiary of his fundraiser. then transferred money raised to the Las Vegas Victims Fund once that central, independent fund for the victims was established in early 2018. also served as the beneficiary for 17 other GoFundMe® and CrowdRise by GoFundMe® fundraisers created for general victim support and facilitated the ultimate transfer of those funds to the Las Vegas Victims Fund.

Nearly  $14,000,000 was raised, and funds were granted to the Las Vegas Victims Fund. made a further grant of over $40,000 to the Vegas Strong Compassion Scholarship, providing scholarships to the children of the victims.


Hurricane Maria:  [September 2017, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands] was the beneficiary to a fundraiser started by Somos Una Voz at and to a separate fundraiser,  The fundraisers raised $956,500, which was delivered to Somos Una Voz for further distribution.  See for more information.


Hurricane Irma:  [September 2017, Florida] was the beneficiary to the fundraiser  It raised over $40,000, and micro-grants were made to over 110 GoFundMe® fundraisers. was also beneficiary to a campaign started by Florida State Senator Jeremy Ring at  Senator Ring raised over $12,000, which was donated to the International Association of Fire Fighters for use in bringing relief to Hurricane Irma victims.


Hurricane Harvey:   [August/September 2017, Texas]
Causing $125 billion in damage across Texas and the southern U.S. and quickly followed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Hurricane Harvey was one of the most devastating storms in U.S. history. GoFundMe® and CrowdRise by GoFundMe® saw $65 million raised in the two months following Harvey, and set up a general fund. Within a few weeks, we had granted that money to GoFundMe® fundraisers started by people who needed financial help quickly, before charity and government aid could reach them. gave roughly $700,000 in grants to over 800 GoFundMe® fundraisers. also worked with donors to establish a donor-advised fund that raised over $1,000,000, which was distributed to various charities that serviced victims of Hurricane Harvey.