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Black Girls Dance

Black Girls Dance

Black Girls Dance (BGD) is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that showcases and supports dancers of color through training, exposure, performance opportunities, and scholarship assistance. At the heart of BGD is a mission that transcends mere performance: the organization aims to uplift dancers of color in their journey of growth and ensure that the dance world represents the diversity of humanity. BGD is consistently refining its approach, embracing innovation, and pushing boundaries to highlight Black excellence. 

Young dancers of color have faced many obstacles and barriers in the dance space, especially in genres like ballet. Factors such as economic costs and lack of representation have excluded those who do not fit the “traditional” mold of a dancer. As a result, many young Black dancers face an uphill battle in the professional dance world. BGD is working to transform the dance profession, offering an inclusive and equitable space for young dancers in Chicago. 

The Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund will support the production of “Black Girls Dance presents ICONS”. BGD will train 200 girls in multiple dance styles, including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, pointe, and tumbling. In June 2024, these dancers will perform at the Harris Theater, a space of cultural significance in the heart of Chicago. The performance will tell the story of dancers’ movements throughout history and honor trailblazers who have impacted the arts, literature, and science. “Black Girls presents ICONS” will be more than a performance; it will represent a declaration of the strength created when cultures intertwine and young girls are nurtured. 

Through this performance, BGD hopes to create a transformative experience for young dancers of color. In doing so, the organization will support the aspirations of adolescent girls, enabling them to chart their own path in the dance world and rewrite traditional narratives. To learn more about Black Girls Dance, please visit the organization’s website and social media pages: 


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