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Msichana Imara Foundation

Msichana Imara Foundation

Msichana Imara Foundation (MIF) is a nonprofit organization led by young women in Arusha, Tanzania. Since its founding, the organization has served more than 3,000 adolescent girls, empowering them with essential skills to overcome social and economic challenges. To this end, the organization implements programs to combat a range of issues which present barriers to girls’ education such as child marriage, period poverty, gender-based violence, and more. These programs focus on sustainable menstrual health solutions, entrepreneurship training, and sexual and reproductive health education. 

Inadequate access to menstrual health management tools and education, also known as period poverty, is an enduring problem in Tanzania. Many girls are unable to afford clean products and must resort to using unsafe materials to manage their menstrual cycles.  Access to clean facilities and water is also difficult, which not only poses health risks for girls but also reinforces taboos associated with menstruation. As a result, many girls miss school during their periods due to shame and fear of ridicule. MIF is committed to changing these realities through its programs focused on period poverty. 

The Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund will support MIF’s Mawimbi Project, which focuses on providing access to products and breaking down cultural taboos. MIF will provide classes focused on menstrual health management and teach girls how to make and utilize reusable sanitary pads. MIF will provide materials and lessons on constructing the pads, and each girl will take home four reusable pads. Concurrently, MIF will conduct workshops for community members to deconstruct stigmas associated with menstruation. 

MIF expects to directly reach 500 adolescent girls and 150 community members through this project. The organization seeks to create sustainable, long-term change by offering girls practical tools while also changing harmful attitudes regarding menstruation at the community level. Ultimately, the organization hopes to promote girls’ dignity and wellbeing, empowering them to pursue their dreams without feeling burdened by their menstrual cycles. 

To learn more about Msichana Imara Foundation, please visit the organization’s website and social media pages:

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