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Safe Engage Foundation

Safe Engage Foundation

Safe Engage Foundation (SEF) is a nonprofit organization based in the Kuria district of Kenya.  It is guided by a mission to empower girls and prevent them from being subjected to violence. To that end, the organization provides both direct support to girls and works with families and community members to change harmful social norms such as gender-based violence, female genital mutilation (FGM), and child marriage. 

The Kuria district has one of the highest rates of child marriage and female genital mutilation in Kenya.  84 percent of women and girls have experienced FGM, and many are married shortly after in ceremonies which are embraced as “rites of passage.” Factors such as poverty and limited opportunities further exacerbate girls’ vulnerability as families often force their daughters to marry at an early age due to economic incentives, like dowries. SEF aims to disrupt these norms through a project focused on education and economic empowerment. 

The Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund will support SEF’s Endelea Initiative for Resilience and Growth, which provides targeted support to adolescent girls who are young mothers. The organization will support girls to stay in school through scholarships and host workshops on financial literacy and skills. These workshops will emphasize the importance of education in disrupting cycles of poverty, examining the interrelated factors which contribute to gender inequality. SEF will also lead awareness programs for parents and community members to challenge the practices which have threatened girls’ wellbeing.  

SEF will directly reach 30 girls through this project and engage 100 community members through its awareness programs.  SEF’s project will address key barriers which hold girls back from realizing their potential. As an end goal, the organization seeks to transform norms which undermine girls’ wellbeing and provide a supportive environment that enables girls to thrive. 

To learn more about Safe Engage Foundation, please visit the organization’s website and social media pages: 

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